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Offering Gentle Root Canal Therapy to Treat Your Pain & Discomfort

When damage or decay has reached the inner portion of a tooth, root canal therapy is performed to save the tooth. Root canals have a reputation of discomfort that too often keeps patients from treatment. Drs. Woldman, Rizman, and Simpson of Hoffman Estates work to eliminate the negative stigma by providing a more positive experience during root canal therapy. They want to set their patients at ease and ensure them the process is far more comfortable than they imagine. If you have any questions or concerns, we will answer them. In fact, we want to fully educate each individual about all of their treatment options.

The Wand Improves Root Canal Experience

Patients of Hoffman Estates and the surrounding Schaumburg area experience a greater degree of comfort with the use of The Wand. Drs. Woldman, Rizman, and Simpson deliver a local anesthetic with minimal discomfort. Root canal therapy is an important procedure to resolve extensive damage to a severely decayed, infected or dead tooth.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Drs. Woldman, Rizman, and Simpson work to educate their patients to understand what a root canal is and why it is so important. Without a root canal, a severely damaged tooth will result in tooth loss. Drs. Woldman, Rizman, and Simpson perform root canal treatment to save these teeth.

A root canal is performed when the damage or infection has worked its way into the innermost part of the tooth (the pulp), the roots and/or surrounding bone. The infected area is cleaned out and treated before filling the cavity and capping with a crown. This treatment keeps the roots intact to maintain the integrity of the tooth and restore functionality of a healthy bite.

The alternative to a root canal is extraction. Drs. Woldman, Rizman, and Simpson work to avoid this route in order to prevent additional oral health problems.

Early Detection May Prevent a Root Canal

Routine cleanings and exams are preventative measures used to minimize the need for root canals. Drs. Woldman, Rizman, and Simpson encourage their patients to get regular check-ups twice a year in order to detect dental problems before the pain begins. Root canal signs and symptoms include:

  • Tooth or gum pain that doesn’t subside
  • A cavity large enough to weaken the structure of the tooth
  • Extreme sensitivities to temperature and pressure
  • Consistent bad breath
  • Drainage from around tooth/gum area

These symptoms do not always measure the need for a root canal, but anything out of the ordinary that lasts for more than a few days deserves the attention of a dental exam. Don’t let your fear of the dentist create severe problems that require intensive procedures.

Root Canal Treatment from Drs. Woldman, Rizman, and Simpson

For more information about root canal therapy or to schedule an appointment today, please contact our office. We are committed to creating and restoring healthy teeth across Hoffman Estates and Schaumburg areas of Illinois.

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